How To Add Bling To Your Mobile Phone

bling phone casesThere is no doubt that mobile phone bling is big business. It kind of all started with Nokia back in the 90’s when they really pioneered the idea of being able to change the cover of your mobile phone in order to personalize things and it really was an amazing success. Of course, things have now moved on to a certain extent with more options being made available for various phones on the market. So what can you do right now to add bling to your phone and take its styling to a whole new level?

Sticking With The Covers

If we start off by looking at the options that are available to you with covers because this is perhaps still the biggest, and most popular, way of styling your phone without it costing you a fortune. The range of covers really are astonishing, but if you want your phone to really stand out from the crowd and sparkle like crazy, then how about a cover that includes crystals to really catch the light.

There are various designs available from just plain crystals that look as if your case is encrusted with diamonds through to those that have different colors just to make it easier to have a more specific design. However, one extra cool thing is that the designs are so varied that there are even versions out there on the market that are aimed specifically at younger girls who really do not want anything to do with a plain old mobile phone, but would rather have something that is on the whole funkier to look at. That is why you can pick up covers that are based on a movie character, or even just butterflies across the back of the case and they really do look stunning.

Spending A Bit More Cash

However, even though these clip on covers are cool and will certainly add a lot of style to your phone, there are options available for those people that want to spend a bit more cash in order to get something that really is out of this world. One option is to go to a company, and there are several that do this, that will go ahead and gold plate your phone.

Do not worry about it damaging the actual workings of your mobile phone as that is completely safe because this is just a thin layer of actual gold leaf that is placed on your phone making it gleam and glint at all times. You can of course then go even further, if your budget allows for this, and some of the companies that provide a gold plating service will also make arrangements for actual cuts of diamonds to be applied to the rear of your phone. How many you get depends on what you want to spend, but remember that this is going to result in you having a mobile phone that really is hot property.

Alternative Bling

But what happens if you do not want to change the cover or feel that they tend to be over the top and you want something a bit more subtle? Well, this all depends yet again on how much money you are willing to spend.

In theory, you could take one of the ideas above regarding having diamonds applied to the phone and take it down a level and just use crystals. Of course with this you do have more control over how many appear on your phone and the design that is used, but it can just add a bit more interest to your phone and break up that plain old back part. Alternatively, there is nothing to stop you from applying crystals on the edges of your phone either, but clearly the face has to generally be kept clear as most smartphones have the screen covering pretty much every part.

Another option is to use charms to add that personal touch to your phone. These charms will often hang from an upper corner of your phone and there are so many options available to you depending on your own personal tastes.

Some of these mobile phone charms are purely decorative and aimed at a younger market, for example small butterflies on a gold plated chain, whilst others do offer a bit more bling although they do tend to be more expensive. Why not give some consideration to charms that include tiny pieces of precious stones either in a gold or silver setting? Why not consider having a gold bar at the top with a fine thin gold chain leading down to a circular ball complete with crystals or cubic zirconium to just add a touch of class without it being over the top? The beauty of this particular type of mobile phone bling is that they tend to be inexpensive and they are certainly less intrusive or too in your face and this does tend to lead to your phone standing out on its own, but remaining classy at the same time.

Final Options

So, what kind of thing appeals to you the most? Perhaps it is easier to provide a quick summary of the main ways in which people will look to bling their mobile phone:

Changing the back cover remains the most popular way of styling your phone.You can add virtually any design and there are items out there that are perfect for all age ranges and personal likes.Crystals will make your phone sparkle in the sun. Look out for characters designed in crystals for younger kids or even adults that love to have fun.Think about the potential for gold plating your phone.If you have the cash, you can add diamonds for that extra special touch.Make use of charms attached to one corner to get something that looks classy, but cool. Consider adding pieces of precious stones or even cubic zirconium to make things sparkle.

This is the beauty of mobile phone bling, there are just so many options out there that it is practically impossible for you to not find something that you will then fall in love with. This trend is here to stay and we can all thank Nokia for pioneering this idea back in the 90’s because without them we would all have the same cases and how boring would that be?

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